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obrienno4 (10:55:51 AM): Would you be interested in joining a questions community? you can ask questions... and you have to answer with questions
whoISchipRjones (10:56:22 AM): so there would technically be no answers then?
obrienno4 (10:56:59 AM): cant you answer with a question?
whoISchipRjones (10:57:17 AM): i could, but what would be the point to that?
obrienno4 (10:58:44 AM): Wouldn't you keep thinking on?
whoISchipRjones (10:59:27 AM): i would, but there'll come a time when everything's been answered and asked, so then what?
obrienno4 (11:00:38 AM): Maybe that will be the time for a new question?
whoISchipRjones (11:00:57 AM): But who gets to decide when enough's enough?
whoISchipRjones (11:01:26 AM): Is there a certain point when someone can just say, alright, we're done this discussion?
obrienno4 (11:01:32 AM): Isn't no more comments plenty of warning?
whoISchipRjones (11:03:45 AM): It could be... but what if months down the line, a new comment is made? The issue is now re-opened?
obrienno4 (11:04:21 AM): Why wouldn't it be?
obrienno4 (11:04:28 AM): Is that okay if I leave now?
whoISchipRjones (11:04:42 AM): Are we done this?
obrienno4 (11:05:01 AM): Are we?
whoISchipRjones (11:05:04 AM): Can we speak in normal sentences and not questions?
obrienno4 (11:05:13 AM): Sorry, I have to be somewhere in an hour and I need to shower
whoISchipRjones (11:05:19 AM): whoo-hoo. I win
obrienno4 (11:05:41 AM): Yes, you do

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